Solving quality control in ceramic tile manufacturing

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• When checking whether a ceramic tile is in tone or not, a specialist visually contrasts the tone of the model tile with that of the pieces coming out of the furnace

• The same printing settings can vary the final tone, as this tone is influenced by a multitude of variables that cannot be controlled (composition of the clay,humidity, convection currents in the furnace, etc.)

The Challenge

• Our customer looked for a solution that could automatically identify whether apiece coming out of the furnace was in tone or not

• Then, if the tile was not in tone, the colourimetric inputs were to be automatically readjusted, in order not to lose the production quality

The Approach

Tone quality model: algorithm that uses colour histograms to compare the piece coming out of the furnace with the model, and check with the error margins allowed in the control set

Print control model: Deep Learning model that changes the printing inputs when, due to some unidentified change, there is a set of tiles out of tone

The results

• Model capable of identifying out of tone tiles with higher accuracy than expert (>0.95MBacc)

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