Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1

What kind of loans do you analyse?

Our expertise lies in secured and unsecured non performing loans. We are able to analyse residential mortgages, SME, WIP, consumer loans, credit cards from the first default to it's collection via friendly settlement or court proceeding

Question 2

Do you also help in the business implementation?

Our work doesn't end in the analysis. We are obsessed with providing true business impact, so we advise our clients in the strategy to define a concise and feasible business plan, and get the most value out of our algorithms

Question 3

Can you provide an implementation example?

We work with a Servicer that manages secured loans. In this case we provide our AI algorithms and a team of asset managers that focus on the top quality loans at a fixed fee, so instead of paying a huge commission to external asset managers, our client pays us a fixed fee to manage the best loans. This is generating savings of +50.000€/month

Question 4

Is there a limitation in the volume of data?

We have pre-trained models that work perfectly in their segment. Although, it is better to adapt our model with some particular data from the client
There is no limitation in terms of high volumes of data, but if we work with an unknown kind of loan or unknown market scenario (i.e: new country), we would need a minimum volume of historical performance in order to train our models

Question 5

What is your business model?

Depending on the portfolio size, the amount of data we need to clean and process varies, so we provide 3 different products / services:
1. NPL Data Cleaning and monitoring: Setup fee + SaaS platform fee
2. Due Diligence: Fee depending on the volume of assets
3. Driverless NPL management: This is our most powerful product. We first need to clean the data, adapt our models, define the business strategy and then implement our solution (platform + asset managers -if needed-). We work with a Setup + SaaS fee + Model Maintenance

Question 6

How long does it take to setup Menhir?

Depending on the product and the portfolio complexity we expect different setup durations:
1. Due Diligence: Results in 1 week (may very depending on data tape completion and quality)
2. Driverless NPL management: depending on the data quality and integration complexity we expect setup times ranging between 2 and 6 months (data cleaning, model setup, backtesting, real time pilot, business setup, production kick-off)