Learn how Menhir helps increase loan portfolio performance

Our suite guides banks, funds and asset managers in the transformation of the Non Performing Asset into cash via different strategies

1. Choose the type of loan portfolio to analyse

Different kind of loans need different features to train our algorithm and to evaluate the quality of the portfolio. We work with both, Secured and Unsecured loans

2. We clean and arrange the data

Our Loan Data Quality module identifies data mistakes, segments the data, analyses outliers and presents a portfolio view to help you understand the loan distribution

3. Best algorithm identification

Based on the model features, operational structure of the bank, fund or servicer and client goals, we choose the best algorithm from our catalogue to solve the portfolio

4. Business Implementation Strategy

We design the way your team will interact with the model in order to reach it's highest potential, and thus, help asset managers increase their performance

5. Performance tracking platform

Menhir provides all the tools and data needed for decision makers to guide the organization to peak performance. We help NPA Asset Managers find flow

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