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Distressed Assets

Our suite guides banks, funds and asset managers in the transformation of the Non Performing Asset into cash via different strategies. We are Quants for Distressed Debt

Clean the data, and understand the way your NPA are resolved

1. Different kind of loans need different features to train our algorithm and to evaluate the quality of the portfolio. We work with both, Secured and Unsecured loans
2. Our Loan Data Quality module identifies data mistakes, segments the data, analyses outliers and presents a portfolio view to help you understand the loan distribution

Anticipate NPA resolution, enabling the allocation to the right management strategy

3. Based on the model features, operational structure and business goal, we adapt our models to the case
4. For book buying strategies, we extend the timespan our models predict. For active loan workout strategies, we optimise short-term anticipation, for boosting efficiency and effectiveness

Assign and track the right management of distressed loan books by asset managers

5. With the customer, we design the optimal asset allocation strategy, which will be automated by the models in production
6. Menhir provides all the tools and data needed for decision-making, based on real time data

Sales and marketing

Our platform guides decision-making to solve Marketing Mix, channel allocation, lead prospecting and scoring, helping the CMO allocate budget to the true business drivers

Marketing Mix
Increase sales by decoding the way customers behave

- Combining internal and external data, Menhir is capable of providing insights on how and why customers make purchasing decisions. This information allows executives design the right marketing mix to target the right customers at the right time
- Once a customer enters the funnel, Menhir not only "scores" the lead, with a purchase probability, but provides insights on how to nudge the customer into making the purchasing decision, using all the available channels and operational constraints

Understand demand price elasticity to dynamise sales

Price is the trade-off for the value of the good a customer is purchasing. Not all customers perceive the same value, so price should be adjusted to the value for each customer. Menhir helps companies understand and segment target customers, in order to address each population with the right feature-pricing mix

AI Factory

We partner with the disruptors from the corporate world, to create high impact solutions, that change the perception of what is possible and what is not


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