Enabling AI-driven Decision Making

Enterprises & SMEs use Menhir to anticipate the outcome of decisions, by transforming vast amounts of data into actionable insights that drive profits

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We blend software & execution, so our customers can bend reality

Menhir enables customers to predict the outcomes of decisions, and execute the optimal real-time actions required by today's business leaders, to foster company-wide profit generation.

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Understand the why, and execute

We build category-leading software that empowers organizations to create and govern artificial intelligence, trusting and understanding the why under every decision.

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Artificial intelligence, designed for action.

Companies live in an era of unprecedented disruption and need answers in days and not years. We enable this through a customer centric, proprietary AI platform.

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Data core

Data Core serves as the foundation of our AI platform, where we start by rigorously analyzing, cleansing, and structuring your data. This meticulous preparation ensures our AI solutions are built on a solid, reliable foundation, enabling precise analytics and dependable insights.

Model core

Model Core is where we transform your challenges into opportunities. Our proprietary AI algorithms are trained to create accurate digital twins of your business processes, enhancing decision-making with predictive accuracy and strategic depth.

Action core

Effective strategy requires decisive action. Action Core swiftly turns strategic plans into tangible results, deploying simulated decisions in real-time to drive profitability and ensure that opportunities are captured without delay.


A proven Methodology that has delivered +100M€ in value to customers


AI Bootcamp

From inception to use case in days. Our strategy aligns stakeholders, speeds up enterprise-wide AI adoption, and integrates AI-driven decision-making seamlessly at every level.



Crafting a precise data architecture is crucial for empowering advanced models, a key step toward an AI-first company. This effort enables the seamless transformation of data into actionable insights.



Our models are designed to grasp business, process, and legal nuances. Menhir's platform ensures top-quality models with transparent decision-making insights, embodying a zero-black-box approach.


Execution & Impact

Strategy without execution is void. Menhir ensures the real-time application of strategies to secure profit swiftly post-decision, redefining agility and precision for dynamic market navigation.


Granular impact,
with global reach


Implementations in 2 continents


Economic impact of our work in our customers


Assets under management of our AI Platform

AI Bootcamp:
From 0 to use case in 5 days

In an era of rapid AI and market evolution, enterprises need insights in days, not years. AI Bootcamp delivers swift, decisive AI impact, enabling rapid harnessing of AI capabilities.

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