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Our technology is:

Menhir’s Explainable AI demystifies complex algorithms, providing granular clarity into the decision-making process. This transparency builds trust and fosters an environment of informed strategic decision-making across your organization.

Our Causal AI unravels the intricate cause-and-effect dynamics within your data, empowering your team to not only forecast future scenarios but also to strategically influence and shape those outcomes with precision.

Menhir transforms analytical insights into actionable strategies, effectively closing the gap between ideation and operational execution. This approach ensures that insights are not merely theoretical but are leveraged to produce tangible, impactful business results.

Action core

Decision Apps

Leverage Menhir's Decision Apps to simulate market trends and forecast property values, enabling real estate professionals to optimize pricing and marketing strategies efficiently.

Data & Model core

AI Models & Algorithms

Our AI models assess market dynamics and buyer behavior to predict property values and investment risks, providing real estate investors with the tools for data-driven decision-making.

Data Collectors & Data Fabric

Menhir's Data Fabric collects and integrates data from various real estate markets, combining property statistics, economic indicators, and consumer trends into a unified analysis platform.

Use Menhir in Real Estate for:

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Menhir’s impact in Real Estate

Driving innovative market strategies and smarter investment decisions in the Real Estate industry.

Price Elasticity for Assets

Menhir equips Real Estate firms with sophisticated tools to assess how changes in pricing affect buyer demand. Through its proprietary platform, BOMA, Menhir enables precise adjustments to property pricing that align with market conditions and buyer sensitivities, ensuring properties are positioned to yield maximum returns. This strategic application not only enhances revenue potential but also optimizes market timing, providing firms with a competitive edge in real estate valuation and sales.

Optimal Broker Allocation

We optimise property sales by matching properties with the most suitable brokers, leveraging performance data and client preferences. This targeted approach ensures that each property is handled by brokers who are not only top performers but also aligned with the specific characteristics and needs of the property and the client. The result is a significant increase in sales efficiency and heightened client satisfaction, driving faster transactions and building stronger reputations in the competitive real estate market.

Deepening Customer Relationships

Menhir AI revolutionizes real estate portfolio onboarding with its Asset Scoring System, enabling instant due diligence. By efficiently analyzing property data, Menhir identifies optimal sales channels and brokers, streamlining portfolio management and enhancing investment decision-making. This approach not only accelerates processes but also maximizes asset value through strategic insights.

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