Rock-solid, fast AI-driven fraud detection

Accurate, explainable AI-driven Fraud detection, under 40ms.

Our technology is:

Menhir’s Explainable AI demystifies complex algorithms, providing granular clarity into the decision-making process. This transparency builds trust and fosters an environment of informed strategic decision-making across your organization.

Our Causal AI unravels the intricate cause-and-effect dynamics within your data, empowering your team to not only forecast future scenarios but also to strategically influence and shape those outcomes with precision.

Menhir transforms analytical insights into actionable strategies, effectively closing the gap between ideation and operational execution. This approach ensures that insights are not merely theoretical but are leveraged to produce tangible, impactful business results.

Action core

Decision Apps

Menhir's Decision Apps streamline payment processing by integrating real-time fraud detection and dynamic risk scoring to minimize risk and enhance transaction reliability, in under 40ms.

Data & Model core

AI Models & Algorithms

Our AI models analyze transaction patterns to detect anomalies and prevent fraud before it occurs, ensuring secure and seamless payment experiences for all users.

Data Collectors & Data Fabric

Menhir’s Data Fabric aggregates transaction data, user behaviors, and security threats across multiple channels, providing a comprehensive view that supports robust payment processing systems.

Use Menhir in Payments for:

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Menhir's impact in Payments

Menhir transforms the payments landscape by enhancing transaction security and operational efficiency, ensuring fast, safe, and customer-friendly payment solutions.

Fraud Detection Enhancement

Menhir can deploy advanced fraud detection algorithms that proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent transactions. By analyzing transaction patterns in real-time, we preserve revenue and safeguard customer trust, ensuring your operations are protected against emerging threats with minimal disruption.

Dynamic Risk Scoring for Credit Transactions

Our dynamic risk scoring system at Menhir adapts continuously to evolving threats, optimizing credit transaction processes. This AI-driven approach reduces chargebacks and enhances authorization rates, ensuring robust and adaptable risk management that aligns with your evolving business needs.

Optimized Transaction Routing

Menhir can be utilised to optimise payment gateway routing to enhance transaction success rates and minimize delays. By dynamically analyzing and adjusting to payment traffic and gateway performance, we ensure efficient transaction processing, improving customer satisfaction and operational throughput.

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