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Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making for Financial Services

Our technology is:

Menhir’s Explainable AI demystifies complex algorithms, providing granular clarity into the decision-making process. This transparency builds trust and fosters an environment of informed strategic decision-making across your organization.

Our Causal AI unravels the intricate cause-and-effect dynamics within your data, empowering your team to not only forecast future scenarios but also to strategically influence and shape those outcomes with precision.

Menhir transforms analytical insights into actionable strategies, effectively closing the gap between ideation and operational execution. This approach ensures that insights are not merely theoretical but are leveraged to produce tangible, impactful business results.

Action core

Decision Apps

Menhir's Decision Apps empower financial institutions to optimise loan collection strategies, enhance customer retention efforts, and prevent fraud by leveraging real-time data analysis and predictive insights.

Data & Model core

AI Models & Algorithms

Our advanced AI models analyse vast datasets to predict customer behaviour, assess credit risk, and detect fraudulent activities, ensuring that financial services providers can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Data Collectors & Data Fabric

Menhir's Data Fabric integrates financial data from multiple sources, including transaction records, customer interactions, and market trends, creating a holistic view that fuels predictive analytics and strategic planning.

Use Menhir in Financial Services for:

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Menhir’s impact in Financial Services

Transforming financial landscapes by empowering institutions with AI-driven insights for smarter, faster decision-making.

Driving Customer Acquisition & Churn prevention

Efficiently targeted customer acquisition leveraging AI for personalized offers and predictive engagement, optimizing spend and maximizing growth. AI algorithms to anticipate and mitigate customer churn, tailoring retention efforts that improve loyalty and stabilize revenue.

Streamlining Monitoring & Collections deployed a customized AI-driven default prevention system, integrating predictive analytics to identify early signs of default risk across the client's portfolio.

The implementation of our predictive models led to a 40% increase in collection rates within the first year, significantly lowering capital risk and enhancing the bank's financial stability.

Cross-Sell Optimisation

Utilizing AI to identify and act on cross-selling opportunities, increasing customer lifetime value and deepening financial relationships.

Our Explainable AI Decision Engine ensures all stakeholders understand the rationale behind AI-generated insights, fostering trust and enabling transparent, data-driven decision-making across financial organizations.

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