Distribution & Logistics

Navigating the nexus of supply chain efficiency

Logistics and Distribution Intelligence Framework

Our technology is:

Menhir’s Explainable AI demystifies complex algorithms, providing granular clarity into the decision-making process. This transparency builds trust and fosters an environment of informed strategic decision-making across your organization.

Our Causal AI unravels the intricate cause-and-effect dynamics within your data, empowering your team to not only forecast future scenarios but also to strategically influence and shape those outcomes with precision.

Menhir transforms analytical insights into actionable strategies, effectively closing the gap between ideation and operational execution. This approach ensures that insights are not merely theoretical but are leveraged to produce tangible, impactful business results.

Action core

Decision Apps

Menhir's Decision Apps streamline route planning and freight allocation, minimizing delivery times and reducing operational costs through intelligent logistics management.

Data & Model core

AI Models & Algorithms

Our AI solutions provide real-time insights into fleet management and inventory levels, enhancing the efficiency of supply chains and reducing the environmental impact of distribution activities.

Data Collectors & Data Fabric

Integrate data from across the supply chain—from warehouse inventory systems to on-road vehicle sensors—into a cohesive, actionable analytics platform.

Use Menhir in Distribution & Logistics for:

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Menhir’s impact in Distribution & Logistics

Revolutionizing the efficiency and sustainability of global distribution networks.

Route Optimization

Optimize delivery routes and schedules, reducing fuel costs and improving delivery times.

Inventory Management

Streamline inventory management by predicting optimal stock levels, reducing waste, and ensuring product availability across the supply chain.

Workforce Analytics

Analyse workforce data to optimize labor distribution, improve productivity, and forecast staffing needs, ensuring operational efficiency in distribution centers.

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